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Embercombe Rewilding Camp: Beyond the Fence

August 16 @ 8:00 am August 19 @ 5:00 pm

This summer we are coming together to celebrate the exciting new journey that we are embarking on at Embercombe: An Exploration of Rewilding and Regeneration of land and people. This event is in partnership with the global ecosystem restoration movement, Ecosystem Restoration Camps.

Coming together for 4 days this August 16th to 19th, this is a kick off celebratory launch event of the new rewilding direction, and we are inviting you to join us on this journey from the very beginning. The event will be split into 4 themes for the 4 days: Exploring Rewilding, Flora and Fauna, Rewilding the Self, and Rewilding Society.

Together we will learn about what rewilding is and what it means for a context where humanity plays a key role and is embedded into the landscape, rather than fenced out of it. We will learn from top practitioners in this field such as Laura Fairs, ex Wildlife Trust and now the new Rewilding Lead at Embercombe as she takes us through what rewilding is and how it can be implemented on a small scale, sharing Embercombe’s rewilding vision.

We will have the chance to ‘meet our kin’, getting to know what is already living at Embercombe (trees, birds, plants) and how they interact with each other. We will take you on an exciting trip to Rewilding Coombeshead, Derek Gow’s rewilding farm in North Devon, where he will show you around and explain the rewilding practices and techniques that he has introduced, as well as having the chance to meet the rare and fascinating species that he is reintroducing (beavers, white storks and lynx!).

We will enjoy a summer barbeque as we learn how to conduct tests to collect data on soil health and biodiversity with bugs, bats and reptiles, taking our bat detectors into the woods at dusk and meet the moths at sunrise.

The last two days will focus on how we can live wilder and more connected lives and how we can reimagine and reinvent a wilder society. Mac Macartney, founder of Embercombe and international inspirational speaker who weaves ancient indigenous insights together with modern 21st century ideas will share his vision and practices for rewilding the self.

The afternoon will be guided by Alana Bloom from Regenerating Rhythms and Gaia Harvey Jackson, both experienced facilitators of practices that will help you tune in what inner rewilding looks, smells, and feels like and how you can incorporate these into your everyday lives. We will finish our evening with tales of the wild things from storyteller Lisa Schneidau.

The final day will look at the fundamental stories and belief systems that our society tells that have created the depleted landscapes that we live in today. Guided by Ashleigh Brown from Ecosystem Restoration Camps, we will deconstruct these stories and write and perform new ones together that are able to birth the rewilded world that our hearts desire.

This unique event will give you the chance to get under the skin of rewilding our landscapes, our hearts, our minds, our communities and our world as we gather together under the summer sun. Don’t miss it.


August 16 @ 8:00 am
August 19 @ 5:00 pm
variable depending on accommodation

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