Storytelling Sundays

Norse sagas, English folk tales, Arthurian legends, European wonder tales….our cultures have been shaped through weird, wild and untamed stories, all there for the telling. Storytelling is enjoying a huge renaissance…

Storytelling skills are useful in many walks of life. Whether you would like more confidence in public speaking, are interested in the deeper issues brought out by stories, want to develop your creative expression, or want to tell stories but simply don’t know how to begin, the most important thing to do is BEGIN!

During spring and early summer 2017 I am holding a series of Storytelling Sundays. These are one-day workshops for beginners and experienced tellers alike.

Storytelling Sundays will:

explore different aspects of story and how we connect with them, through tellings and discussion

help you develop your storytelling skills and confidence by providing a ‘toolkit’ of techniques

play with story and imagination through story games

These workshops are designed for learning at your own pace, and sharing in a friendly and informal atmosphere. I’ve used my own experience in storytelling to develop activities which are useful, practical, thought-provoking and fun.

“Thank you for a fabulous day, inspiring and very productive. I’m going away with lots of ideas……” Workshop participant


All Storytelling Sundays are 10am-4.30pm, based in the Dartmoor town of Chagford, at Endecott House (occasionally we will venture out into the wilds as well).

Storytelling Sundays cost £35 for the day (plus a small charge from the ticketing website).

Booking in advance is essential – this can be done through the ‘Calendar’ page, or from the links below. Do contact me if you would like further information before booking.


Storytelling Sunday: Through Different Eyes

Sunday 14th May, Chagford, Devon

This workshop will explore story from the perspective of different characters, and from members of the audience. It’s a day for beginners and experienced storytellers alike.

We will use a Siberian wonder tale to explore how different characters might live, feel, and act, and discuss how this can enrich our telling. We will then walk individual stories from the perspective of the villain, the hero, the maiden and any number of other human and non-human characters, and share our findings! Used with care and measure, these techniques can bring empathy and integrity to a telling. I hope you’ll find different perspectives to use in your own stories.

Book a place on this workshop through the ‘Calendar’ page, or here.


Storytelling Sunday: Spirits of Place and Time

Sunday 11th June, Chagford, Devon

This workshop considers the context of stories: the all-important small details that set the scene. It’s a day for beginners and experienced storytellers alike.

All too often, stories are told from an indeterminate time and place, ‘once upon a time somewhere in the world’.  How about placing your story in historical time, and actual place? What would they be? We will play with story in different times and landscapes, talk about honouring the source of a story, and discuss the ethics of telling stories from other places and traditions. We will also (weather permitting) go out into the countryside to explore how to become closer to the landscape of the story you’re telling, and look at the use of detail in storytelling.

Book a place on this workshop through the ‘Calendar’ page, or here.


Previous workshops:

Storytelling Sunday: The Heart of a Story

Sunday 9th April, Chagford, Devon

Looking in detail at the narrative and structure of story, this day is for beginners and experienced storytellers alike.

What are the fundamentals of a really good story? We will explore this using ancient Arthurian myth, considering character, description, action and emotion throughout a story, and the ‘hero’s journey’. Playing with individual stories, we will share tips and tricks for strengthening story structure, and explore pace and balance in telling. This workshop will help you develop confidence in speaking and telling, through understanding of the material and the story sequence.

Feedback from workshop participants:

“Really useful and totally enjoyable day! So many ideas to add to ideas.” “Fantastic, well structured – thank you!” “Really enjoyed today.”


Storytelling Sunday: Storytelling Start-Up

Sunday 5th March, Chagford, Devon

A workshop all about starting to tell stories. This day is for beginners to storytelling, or those with little experience.

We will work with one of the Grimm’s stories (a wonder tale) to look at story structure, character, and idiosyncrasy; walk the story, considering environment and audience; and work with techniques for remembering story and gaining confidence. By the end of the day, you will have had the opportunity to tell at least one story that you can take away and make your own.

Feedback from workshop participants:

“Very enjoyable day, look forward to the next.” “FAB!” “Excellent balance of listening, learning and telling.” “This has given me the confidence to tell a story at the next event I go to.”



Let me know if you would be interested in attending a similar workshop in the future and I’ll keep you informed on dates.


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