The World Tree

In a world of magic and miracles, Yggdrasil the ash tree holds all of creation in its roots and branches. Odin the Allfather hangs upside down from the great tree, waiting for wisdom to come. But what happens when the ash tree falls sick?
Ash is one of our commonest trees, bringing many gifts: timber, fuel, tools, inspiration and protection. Now ash dieback is on the march through our countryside, and in ten years’ time most of our ash trees will be lost.
Lisa Schneidau tells ancient stories from the Norse, Irish and British traditions in this storytelling show, peppered with natural history and sharp observation. Find out how ash trees have always been at the centre of change – and why the old stories tell us of hope and renewal.

The Tangle of the Commons

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.


The Tangle of the Commons tells the story of the British landscape and our relationship with the wild things around us, seen and unseen. Who really owns this place – and what happens if humans push things too far?

Here are some of the old tales, laced with history, ecology and a hefty dose of the ridiculous, to provoke thought and inspiration about the land we usually take so much for granted. Expect malevolent fairies, dastardly robber kings, slimy boggarts and a particularly disgruntled wild pig.

Suitable for ages 12+, or a slightly shorter family show for 8+.



Stories from the Bedrock of the British Isles

“There were giants on the earth in those days….”

Lisa Schneidau and Ronnie Conboy present a storytelling journey through some of the old myths, an exploration of the relationship between the Giants – the great rock builders – and the human beings that came after.

Where did the Giants come from? Where have they gone? And who left all those boulders lying around?

Join us for an evening of myth and story, of fun, wonder, music, laughter and a smidgen of comedy violence, and maybe you’ll find out…… Suitable for 14+

“A truly entertaining and accomplished story telling.” Bridport audience member


Photo: Maggi Squire

Hag of the Land

An evening of ancient and modern stories, woven with ballad, snatches of song and poetry in honour of the great Hag; of the gentle courage of those who meet her challenge, and of our relationship with the natural world. Brought to you by storytellers Lisa Schneidau, Ronnie Conboy and Sue Charman, and musician Laura Salmon.

In the dark forest beside the pool, on the wild edges of the moor, where the waves crash upon the shore, she will find you: a woman so old, so harsh, so darkly powerful that you fear to look at her. She asks you to let her in, to shelter her, to hold her close, to kiss her, to wed her…..what will you do when you meet the Hag of the Land? Suitable for 14+



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