Dartmoor Soundings

These are such strange days. Self-isolating should be a pleasure; a quiet walk on the Moor, in the woods, by the river. A chance to breathe, a chance to be quiet, to just sit perhaps. To gain perspective, or be with nature. To let the breeze and song move across the skin. How odd that such isolation now becomes a necessity for darker reasons. 

So here is a new project, a collaboration with Tony Whitehead. During lockdown, we have recorded the progress of nature’s year from the spaces and silences that surround us here on Dartmoor, and shared them here.¬†Our aim is to produce 10-15 minutes of unedited sound of nature and the moor, several times a week, for anyone to listen to and connect to what’s going on out there in nature – wherever you are.

As the coronavirus lockdown intensifies, I’d just like to emphasise that these recordings are all taken during our daily walk out from home!

Click on the links for the recordings. Shared with love.

6th July: Willows at Emsworthy

A fresh breeze in the leaves

25th June: Quiet on Meldon Hill

Peace on the moor

23rd June: Garden early morning

How different to the spring dawn chorus.

22nd June: Midsummer ash at Buda Farm

Thanks to Patrick and Danielle for this one

16th June: Afternoon lull

Garden and siskins.

10th May: Dawn chorus

4.30am, but it was worth it

8th May: Cleave Wood near the river

A very loud song thrush

7th May: Meldon sunset

…a stunning evening

4th May: Bees on blossom

Whiddon Deer Park

1st May: Creaking willow tree

Mid-way on Meldon Hill

30th April: Sheep and rain

Double trouble in the field

28th April: Padley Common

A chilly day

26th April: Cleave Wood

Evening birdsong in the bluebells

24th April: Apple blossom and bees

An apple tree in an old meadow

21st April: Ponies on Meldon Hill

The one where the foal nearly ate the microphone

19th April: Willows on Meldon Hill

Birdsong, but no cuckoo yet…

18th April: Cleave

Bluebell woods almost in bloom

17th April: Allotment rain

…..badly needed rain.

16th April: Padley Common

A quiet spring evening.

13th April: Ash trees

Precious trees in the spring breeze

12th April: Natterdon Hill

A magical place

11th April: River Teign at Gidleigh

Beside and within the river

10th April: Garden

Quiet dusk

9th April: Blackthorn, Blackcap and Blackbird

a stunning spring evening.

5th April: Garden

A windy evening, with the microphone sheltered in the shed! The slightly mournful song of a mistle thrush in the distance.

4th April: Padley Common

Springtime in full swing

3rd April: River Teign

River, sunshine, springtime

31st March: Padley Common

A cold dimpsey time.

30th March: Churchyard rooks

Chagford churchyard on a bitterly cold day. No human conversations, but rooks…

29th March: Meldon Hill

Very chilly!

28th March: Round Pound, Batworthy

Wild winds whipping across the moor, and meadow pipits (the picture is of nearby Scorhill)

27th March: fields by river Teign

Blackbird song and gorgeous calm

26th March: Meldon Hill

Sleepy sunny lunchtime with chiffchaffs

23rd March: Padley Common

The edge of Chagford at dusk, with owls!

22nd March: allotment at dusk

Disgruntled blackbirds and weeds growing happily

21st March – Tolmenstone

A healing stone above the river Teign

20th March – St Michael’s church, Chagford

As the pubs close their doors, here’s the sound of the centre of our little Dartmoor town

19th March – Week Down green lane

A green lane with no end! Bit rainy.

18th March – Natterdon Hill

A blackbird serenading the close of the day

17th March – Meldon Hill

Dark, glorious nearly-nothingness of nature

16th March – Padley Common

A sparkly, frosty, sunny sunrise

15th March – War Cleave Wood

The first outing at dusk

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